Thursday, 20 January 2011

Coming up in issue one...

Our original fan fiction is being written by co-editor Andy Weston and the first tale will be a three part story that takes a look at an exciting new world from three very different angles...

The Evelyn Escapades is a fun and irreverant way to tackle the Big Finish audios - We are currently working my way through reviewing these and so to give this a new take we are listening to the stories together and printing our real time reactions. It'll be a little but nutty, full of crazy observations but with a real love for the material. We have decided toi follow the advetures of one companion rather than playing the stories in consecutive order so we can see how that particular character was dealt with, developed. We've already listened to The Marian Conspiracy and it was a great laugh, we hope you enjoy it too.

The McCoy era debate - this will change with each issue but we thought it would be nice to tackle parts of the series that we have differing opinions on to give readers a more rounded opinion - careful though...this may get nasty!

Opinions of the Other Halves - We have always been intruiged by what our partners, families and friends think of Doctor and so we thought this might be an interesting way of looking back on the stories that have been reviewed ad nauseum. Andy will be watching with his partner Charlotte and Joe with his partner Simon. This will be a nice way of getting the opinion of somebody who is not au fait with the writer, director, where abouts in the series it is, etc - all the things that cloud our judgement as fans.

Lisa Bowerman has kindly agreed to consent to an interview and has given us some fantastic input into directing the companion chronicles. We've already got further interviews in the pipeline and should have some great names for you to read about.

A Matter of Perspective - Doctor Who book club. If you have ever wanted to re-read some of those old Doctor Who books but never got around to it then join us as we randomly work our way around all of the series. We really want you guys to give your input on the books - we will list a next time novel with each issue and you will have a month to read it and send in your thoughts. We thought it would be more interesting for ourselves to each tackle some of the regulars journey throughout the book and so for our first novel, The Witch Hunters, Andy is focusing on the Doctor and Barbara and Joe is concentrating on Susan and Ian.

Who Online...this section is to review and lavish some praise on the excellent number of Doctor Who resources there is availble online. In our first issue we will be concentrating on The History of the Doctor, Eddy Wolverson's stylish and comprehensive review website.

I really hope you enjoy the first issue guys, a lot of love has gone in to it and I hope it shows.

Here's to issue one - available 15th February!

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