Friday, 15 April 2011

Issue 3

Issue 3! So quickly! Where's the time gone? Another big thank you to all who've been reading issues 1 and 2, and I hope you continue to enjoy this latest installment. So, what is there this month? Well, there's...

Plenty of Eighth Doctor action with the second half of Joe's look back at series 4 and exclusive interviews with Nic Briggs, Alan Barnes and Tamsin actress Niky Wardley;

The conclusion to The Shadow Makers, featuring the Fifth Doctor and Tegan;

Reviews of Mara Tales, Industrial Evolution and The Forbidden Time;

The Rani is under debate as we ask: ridiculous, or revelatory?;

The Apocalypse Element is under scrutiny in 'The Evelyn Escapades';

What will Simon and Charlotte make of The Claws of Axos in 'Non Fan Opinion'?;

'A Matter of Perspective' takes a look at Camera Obscura;

There's a look at the top five Babelcolour YouTube clips in 'Who Online';

And a rather special interview with the one and only Katy Manning.

Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter, just search for @TheThirdZone. Issue 4 will be available from May  15th, and if you missed issue 2 it's been relegated to the Archive.


Andy (co-editor)

Poll results for issues one and two...

What is your favourite Hartnell Historical?
1) The Aztecs - 33% (54 votes)
2) The Romans - 19% (32 votes)
3) The Massacre - 14% (23 votes)
4) Marco Polo - 13% (22 votes)
5) The Crusade - 11% (17 votes)
6) The Gunfighters - 4% (7 votes)
7) The Myth Makers - 3% (5 votes)
8) The Reign of Terror - 2% (4 votes)
9) The Smugglers - 1% (3 votes)

What was your favourite story from Series five?
1) Vincent and the Doctor - 24% (34 votes)
2) The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang - 21% (30 votes)
3) The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone - 20% (28 votes)
4) The Eleventh Hour - 13 % (19 votes)
5) Amy's Choice - 9% (11 votes)
6) The Lodger - 5% (8 votes)
7) Victory of the Daleks - 3% (5 votes)
8) The Beast Below/Vampires of Venice/The Hungry Earth & Cold Blood - less than 1% (1 vote each)

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